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Our Top 5

LE3 strives to stand out from other childcare companies. 

We work hard to stay in tune with what is going on in our industry, what can be improved on, and what we can do to break change or make our industry for families. 

We have five top reasons why we believe we are breaking the mold of the childcare industry for the better. 



Our flexibility is unmatched in the industry. We require a 2-day minimum for our Academy locations and no daily minimum for our extended-day programs. However, even in our daycare locations you can utilize our drop-in feature and create your own schedule based on our openings.



Our administrative team is accessible to any guardian. Be it a schedule change, a billing problem, a program question, or whatever is on your mind; we are all here.



Everything is included. We provide breakfast, homemade lunch, a snack, and all program supplies needed to keep your children safe, engaged, and enjoying our program. Parents are ONLY responsible for drop off/pick up and keeping their accounts current.

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We listen, react, and change. LE3 administration knows that we do not know everything. Now, more than ever, our ability to listen to the community's needs and adapt our programming to meet them is something you will not find anywhere else. The wheel of childcare has been set in motion for decades. At LE3 we work to change the industry and provide a service that is fair, honest, and reasonable.



You will not find another childcare program that is designed to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of children while providing flexible options. At LE3 we only charge families for a week at a time. You will receive an invoice each week with the days scheduled for the following week. 


Financial Aid

Complete the financial aid application below to see if you qualify!

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