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Get to Know LE3 
and Our Philosophy



Ellie Poleon

"As a child, I knew what it was like to struggle in school and come home frustrated and unmotivated to complete my schoolwork. With both of my amazing parents working on top of my siblings' school and extracurricular activities, my mom truly found the art of burning dinner. Trying to help three struggling children complete their work (with no tears) and cook a meal for everyone to enjoy is an art that I am not sure anyone can master-- without help! 

That's where LE3 INC. comes in! We work to provide students with academic experiences that support their school day. Children can drop in after school for homework help, participate in engaging lessons, hang out with friends, and just socialize. For me, I always needed to be taught in a style that was "outside the box", I was lucky to learn early on that it was okay to not learn the same way as my peers. Due to my own experiences, I know the true importance of putting "fun" into a lesson.  

Since the conception of LE3, we have grown and changed our programming from extend services to even younger learners. We take pride in the fact that no matter the age of a LE3 student they are taking their first step toward a supported educational experience. From infancy all the way to 6th grade, LE3 will be sure to support your family's needs. 

By sending your child(ren) to LE3 you are investing in a better future for them. LE3 is here to provide children with the educational experiences that I wish I could have had from some of my teachers. Every child learns in a unique way. If LE3 can help one child achieve understanding while in our program and provide more quality family time after the program is over, then we are fulfilling our mission!" 

Our Mission 

LE3 is a nonprofit organization with the mission to Locally Enrich Educational Experiences for all children through academic programming. 

Our Vision

Our work is guided by the vision of making high-quality and enriching child care accessible for all children. 

What Makes LE3 A Special Place For All?

What are LE3's Core Values?


Learn & Play

We create a fun environment to work, play and learn.


Empower & Celebrate

We celebrate individuality, encourage authenticity and promote personal well-being. 


Engage & Model

We model character and positive behaviors to engage all.


Excellence & Quality

We bring experience that provides high-quality programing. 

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