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LE3 Academy

LE3 Academy Programs are designed to foster early learning for children as young as six weeks old. Through our high quality, flexible model and unique curriculum, we know LE3 Academy is a program you will want to watch your child grow with. 

LE3 Academy

LE3 Academy Locations

Registration Information

All of our registration forms are specific to each location. You must ensure that you are completing the proper location link. 

Each application is manually reviewed and approved, you will not receive instant approval. Please allow 3-5 days for a response in the application as we are a small office working through multiple locations. 

Just because you complete a registration form does not guarantee a spot. We accept students in the order that the forms are received and build a waitlist based on the same information. 

We try very hard not to have a waitlist but our Academy locations are licensed daycares and we must follow strict capacity limits. 

We have two enrollment periods:

School Year: September-June
Summer Camp: July-August

During the school year, there is no registration fee or cancellation fee. 

During the summer there is a $100.00 non-refundable deposit for each family to reserve a spot. 

We have a cancellation and no-call, no-show policy that will result in additional fees. 

This is due to our large-enrollment request, special on-site programming, and higher staffing needs. 

Why Choose LE3 Academy?

All Academy programs are operated by qualified Directors, teachers, and support staff. All personnel is put through a background check and trained regularly to keep up with the standards students need to meet.


LE3 is an all-inclusive program. Breakfast, homemade lunch, and a snack are included in the daily rate along with our academic programming.


We are only one of few full-time programs that offer back billing. Every Monday you are invoiced for the days used during the previous week. So you only pay for the days used in the program.


We require a 2 day minimum. However, as long as we are not at capacity, you may change your schedule from week to week. We even offer a drop-in feature that will allow you to add on a day if capacity allows.

At LE3 you only pay for the days your children are in our care. We understand the importance of being able to provide for your family. LE3 Academy follows the school district's calendar. On days that the district is off for staff development or holiday we also "close" the Academies.

With the exception of major holidays, we are still open for care on days schools are closed. We switch from a school day curriculum to a camp day. This allows families who can take the day off to feel confident their child is not missing a school day, while parents who need care that day are covered. 

We offer full day and half day rates! We accept Daycare Assistance Payments, Flex Spending, Erie County Payments, and are also enrolled in the Child Care Aware Program for Military Families. 

Additionally, if you love our program and know this is where your child should start their education but just do not think you can swing the price, call our CEO, Ellie. We are a family-run organization with the mission to Locally Enrich Educational Experiences for all children. We are NOT on a mission to provide care that costs an arm and a leg! 


Our Promise

Academy Programs are designed to help students prepare for Kindergarten. 

By having students move from room to room throughout the day we help prepare them for the main transitions throughout the school day. Our goal is to provide guidance, support, socialization, and create confidence among students. 

We focus on the whole child from head to toe and everything in between. As they start with us in the youngest stages of life we work with families to create a support system that best works for their family's needs. 

Focusing on meeting developmental benchmarks at each level not only supports a strong educational journey for the child but builds a village of support systems for the guardians. 

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