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Managing Your Child’s Screen Time

It's no secret that in today's world, everybody loves their screen time and spends a lot of the day scrolling, watching videos, liking pictures, and doing many other things. When it comes to monitoring your child's screen time, it can be very tricky to navigate, especially as a first-time parent. If you're not careful, it can become unhealthy for your child leading to serious health and development problems.

Cognitive Development and Learning:

Long periods of screen time can interfere with your child's cognitive development by reducing the amount of time spent away from the screen, preventing them from facing real-world problem-solving situations and other experiences that require hands-on physical activities, which are very important for their overall development. That said, not all screen time is bad! Many devices today offer educational apps and resources that allow your children to develop and learn things like math, reading, and problem-solving. Some children may not like the traditional style of learning in the classroom from a teacher, so this offers them a great alternative!

Social Interaction and Communication Skills:

Although screen time can offer children new and exciting ways to learn, it also allows them to connect with family members, friends, and others. While this is also viewed as a pro, some cons could be correlated if too much time is spent virtually interacting with people as opposed to in-person communication. Overuse of digital devices can lead to social isolation and hinder a child's development of face-to-face communication skills. So, it is important to find a healthy balance of digital and face-to-face interaction for children.

Screen Time Alternatives:

While being on digital devices in 2024 is pretty much unavoidable, managing the time spent on them is crucial for helping develop healthy habits and lifestyles for children. Excessive screen time has been linked to disrupted sleep patterns, poor posture, obesity, and other negative physical health outcomes. Avoid too much screen time by encouraging your child to partake in activities requiring physical movement, such as going for a walk, playing outside, or engaging in any other activities they enjoy off the screen!

Some Summer Activities in Buffalo to Help Limit Screen Time:

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