LE3 at St. John Vianney School

2950 Southwestern Blvd.
Orchard Park, NY 14127

Before School

Bright & Early

Our before-school program is available to all students starting at 7:00 am each school day. 

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After Shcool


Our after-school programming is flexible. We only ask parents to pay for the time used in our program. 


Always Here

When there is no school, LE3 is open for camp. We operate camp days from 7:00am-6:00pm. 


Back Billing

Every Monday you are invoiced for the total time used during the previous week. 

Before school is billed at a daily rate.

After school is billed at an hourly rate. Clock-out times will be bumped up to the closest hour. Student schedules can be changed week to week through your parent portal. 

All-time used before and after school will be added to one weekly invoice. 

*All accounts must be enrolled in auto-billing. *

Important Information & Links


What is a Multi-Purpose Drop-In Program?

*This program makes activities from more than one category under the Bureau of Early Childhood Services Policy Statements. Our multi-purpose categories are "classes" with the purpose of academically oriented activities designed to supplement academic activity and sports. The intent of our "sports" category is to allow structured free play in an athletic setting. This program is not a SACC program. *


Can everyone attend the program?

Students PK3-8th grade can utilize our program. 

During the school year, students must attend the school to utilize the before and after school program. 

On camp days students from the community PK-8th grade are welcome to join the program. 

All students must be potty trained and follow LE3's behavior policies. 


What is offered during the program?

Students will arrive to the program, enjoy a snack, and then participate in academic time. Any child who has homework will have a quiet opportunity to complete it. 

Each week we follow a different theme. Our themes includes a letter, creature, historical figure, book, and a country. We have our managers plan art, science, and hands on activities to go along with these themes. 

Groups of students will rotate through each activity until all students are picked up. 

When we have access to it we utilize the gym and outdoor play space as well. 


What time does the program take place?

After school begins at dismissal each day. We are available until 6:00 pm each day. A peanut/tree nut-free snack is included each day.

Camp days are available from 7:00am-6:00pm. 

A half day is considered 7:00am-12:45pm. 

Breakfast, homemade lunch, and a snack are included in the day. 


Should I sign up for the program if I am not in need?

Yes!! We encourage everyone to sign up for the before/after-school program. On the off chance that you can not make it to school on time, your child (ren) is ALWAYS welcome to the program. This way we have their emergency and medical information on file. 

You are never charged if you do not use the program. 

You just never know when an afternoon Buffalo snow storm is going to hit!