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Preschool Philosophy

LE3 originally started as a service to provide extended day services for school-age children. 

Over the years, LE3 has realized the need for more options for early learners. We have dedicated time to building a preschool curriculum that meets the needs of parents' schedules, life circumstances, and provide affordability for all. 

Our program is open to anyone who has a potty-trained three and/or four-year-old student. Our curriculum and dedicated teachers are customized each year to incorporate students' interests making learning even more fun! We combine traditional learning with play-based learning. At LE3 we know every child is different and that children still need time to be children.


LE3 Academy Is Different

Because of Our...

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Screen Time

At LE3 we try our best to not use technology or screens. However, if we do use screens we always have an educational purpose. Sometimes our little learners just need a change of scenery and a break on a rainy day! So, we will put on GoNoodle, Storytime readings, and preschool yoga to take an intentional screen break.

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Each day students will participate in a minimum of 30 minutes of traditional physical fitness. 

We often bring in partners from the community to teach the children new sport skills. 

Outside of traditional gym time, students will go on nature walks, the playground, and even play in the snow!

Creative Art

Three and four-year-old students participate in a rotation of art that explores different mediums.

We do not just do crayon and marker crafts. We use paint, clay, nature, toys, and more to explore different ways to make art.

Clear your refrigerator for some new gold star works of art.


Free Play

Throughout the day preschool students have time where they get to create their own fun! 

Our creative playroom is designed with the intention of students to make a mess and have fun. 

Our centers and themes rotate based on the seasons. We encourage play that explores different careers, communities, and adventures.


LE3 AcademyLocations

LE3 Academy


4660 Sheridan Drive

Williamsville, NY 14221

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LE3 Academy

North Forest

300 North Forest Road

Williamsville, NY 14221

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