Assistant Program Manager

Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

Much of the curriculum is planned between the Assistant Program Manager and the Program Manager/Director. The Assistant Program Manager is expected to assist in planning, shopping, and implementing activities. Each activity has components that will need to be elaborated on based on the child’s needs, interests, and behaviors.
1. The Assistant Program Manager will be asked to work with the Manager/Director to aid in planning
and implementing program curriculum.
2. Occasional shopping for site materials may be required.
3. Cooperatively work with the Manager/Director to develop themed lessons that are educational and
4. Be available to come to the Main Office/Warehouse to pick up supplies and/or drop off materials
when the Manager/Director is not available or able to leave site.

The Assistant Program Manager is there to help the Program Manager keep the look of the site clean, cheerful, and professional. This includes and is not limited to parent communication, assisting in marketing, and behavior management.
1. Strong communication with parents regarding program events, marketing, and positive and
behavioral information about their child(ren) each day.
2. Ensure all staff are positively performing their job duties.
3. Must be able to help all parents with any inquires or point them in the right direction of finding the
4. Ensure all functions of the tablet/Sandbox system is being used correctly by parents/staff.
5. Assist with If there are children with behavior issues the Assistant Program Manager will need to
assist the Manager/Director in implementing corrective action plans.
6. Always maintain a professional and positive attitude during program to be a role model for the other

The Assistant Program Manager is expected to close the site each day with the Manager/Director. *For full time locations there will be a morning and afternoon Assistant Program Manager. The APM will aid the Manager/Director in the following:
1. The Assistant Program Manager will be knowledgeable of the Sandbox system to help with any
staff/parent inquires.
2. If the Program Manager cannot attend the bi-weekly Manager meeting, the Assistant must attend in
their place
3. Support the Manager/Director in any functions that keep the day running smoothly.
a. Job duties are not limited to running an activity, monitoring a group, serving meals, cleaning,
planning, etc.
4. When the Manager/Director is not on site all APM will work together to run the site effectively in
his/her absence.

There are mandatory trainings that each assistant program manager must obtain.
1. CPR/First Aid: must obtain these certifications within the first month of their employment (will be
paid for by LE3 Inc.).
2 . VIRTUS Training if in a Catholic School. Must be obtained in the first 60 days of employment.
3. Attend all mandatory LE3 trainings.
4. Complete the LE3 Online Training.
5. Complete the Health and Safety OCFS training.
6. Complete the Mandated Reporter Training.


Qualifications: The Assistant Program Manager must have the following experience:

  1. A minimum of an Associate’s degree in Education or related field, and/or 2+ years of childcare experience.

  2. Experience working in childcare, with children, and/or in an educational setting for a minimum of 2 years.

  3. Experience working in customer service and/or building relationships with adults for a minimum of 2 years.