After School Program Manager

Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

The Program Manager will develop the curriculum for their site based upon weekly themes. Each activity has components that will need to be elaborated on based on the children’s needs, interests, and behaviors.
1. Program Manager will be responsible to plan all crafts and activities for the program.
2. Shopping for special materials each week will be a responsibility of the program manager.
3. Ensure all activities are made from an academic standpoint while making sure they are fun, engaging,
and age appropriate for the children.

The Program Manager is responsible for keeping the look of the site clean, cheerful, and professional. This includes but is not limited to parent communication, assisting in marketing, behavior management, and collecting payment.
1. Strong communication with parents regarding program events, marketing, positive and behavioral
information about their child(ren) each day.
2. Create the daily schedule for all parents, students, and staff to see.
3. If there are children with behavior issues the Program Manager will need to implement a behavior
plan that will help guide the child down a positive path.
4. Ensure all activities are being implemented by staff with the children.
5. The look of the site is left up to the Program Manager’s discretion. Any additional organizational,
decorative, or other aesthetic details are left up to the Program Manager.

The Program Manager is expected to take care of clerical duties while at site and within the LE3 office.
1. The Program Manager is expected to manage all staff and visitors at site.
a. Ensure LE3 policies and best practices are being followed each day.
b. Ensure safety of children is the main priority for all children.
c. Approve all staff time sheets and requests for time off.
2. There will be mandatory weekly meetings at the main office with the team and/or the Director to
discuss marketing, program, and any other pressing concerns.
a. At these meetings timesheets, RTO forms, parent payments, and sign ins and outs are to be
turned in to the office manager.
b. Pick up/exchange books, games, manipulatives, and sports equipment in the supply room.
c. Managers will have full access to computers and printing to create lessons, coloring pages, etc.
3. Work with the school administration on any inquires such as available rooms, upcoming events, and
any inquiries regarding LE3 and our program policies.

There are mandatory trainings that each program manager must obtain.
1. CPR/First Aid: Must be current or will obtain these certifications within the first week of their
employment. Training will be paid for by LE3 Inc.
2. If at a Catholic School VIRTUS Training must be completed.
3. Attend all other mandatory LE3 trainings.


Qualifications: The program manager must have the following experience:

1. A minimum (or working towards) of a Bachelor’s Degree in Education or related field, and/or 2+ years of childcare experience.

2. Experience working in childcare, with children, and/or in an educational setting.

3. Customer service and/or previous work experiences.