LE3 Academies

School Age 

Before School

Early Drop Off

On days school is in session, September-June school-age students can attend before school to enjoy breakfast, homework help, and morning games.

After School

Flexible Schedule

The Williamsville School District will bus to our Academies daily.

With no minimums and back billing, you will only pay for what you use.


12 Months

When school is in session, before and after school care is available. When schools are closed, we are available for camp. LE3 Academy is open 12 months for school-age student services.

It's Not Too Good

To Be True

Often we hear that our programming is too good to be true, we kid you not when we say what we advertise is what you get. 

LE3 offers a back billing system so that parents are only paying for the time their children are in our program. 

Children will receive a snack, homework help, academic games, arts, athletics, and free play during all of our school-age programmings. 

Even our school-age programs follow a weekly theme to provide a sense of purpose to our short programs. 

If we advertise something and it is not happening at your child (ren)s program, we take pride in our customer service response rate. Ellie takes time to hear every compliment, complaint, and concern. Through problem-solving and sometimes additional training she will respond quickly to make sure what we advertise is our truth. 

Don't believe us? Read our customer reviews below!


LE3 Academies School Age

Programming Perks...


Daily Fitness

Even our school-age students will receive a minimum of 30 minutes of fitness play each day. 

Both locations have access to a beautiful playground, green space, and indoor fitness areas. 

Homework Help

LE3 staff set aside time to allow children to complete their homework. Even if a child is not required to complete their homework in after school, all students participate in something academic. This way students doing homework will not feel like they are missing something fun!


Both Academy locations are located within the Williamsville School District. 

Students are able to be bussed to either Academy location for after school for free. 

All students must ride the bus to LE3 5 days per week as you can only have one bus route in their system. 


Weekly Theme

Academies school-age programs follow a weekly theme that allows our managers to create a unique craft, science experiments, and hands-on activity. 

Each theme includes a letter, creature, historical figure, book, and country to focus on. We ensure that students are being engaged in fun academic activities instead of just coloring for four hours. 


Important Bussing Information:

-Your billable hour starts when your child(ren) is signed in. You do not pay for time on the bus.

-If you do not require care on any day of the week, you can meet the bus at our backdoor and take your child(ren) home at no charge. 

-This is a great backup for the winter months. If an afternoon storm hits and you are not able to meet the bus in our parking lot we will take your child in! 

-Preschool siblings LOVE meeting their big brother/sister when the bus drops them off!

LE3 Academy

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