Locally Enriching Educational Experiences 

Established as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization in 2015 with the mission to Locally Enrich Educational Experiences for all children through academic programming.

We value listening to the community's needs and creating programming that meets their needs. 

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Why Choose LE3?


You will not find another childcare program that is designed to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of children while providing flexible options. 

At LE3 we only charge families for the time used in our program AFTER you have used it. With our back billing system, you do not have to overpay or worry about a large invoice being sent to you.


We listen, react, and change. LE3 administration knows that we do not know everything. Now more than ever our ability to listen to the community's needs and adapt our programming to meet them is something you will not find anywhere else. The wheel of childcare has been set in motion for decades. At LE3 we work to change the industry and provide a service that is fair, honest, and reasonable.


Everything is included. We provide breakfast, homemade lunch, a snack, and all program supplies needed to keep your children safe, engaged, and enjoying our program. Parents are ONLY responsible for drop off/pick up and keeping their accounts current.


Our administrative team is accessible to any guardian. Ellie, the founder is available by phone or email all day. Be it a schedule change, a billing problem, a program question, or just to say hello; we are all here.


Our flexibility is unmatched in the industry. We do not require a weekly or daily minimum for any of our programming. Though we encourage 2 days for socialization and growth it is not required. 

Bring LE3 To Your School & Community!

If you have spent time searching our website for a location that is in your family's school, district, community, and still do not see an option to have your child (ren) attend our program; follow these steps:

1) Contact Ellie to let her know what district you are in and what needs your community has. 

2) Write to your school/district's administration requesting our program. 

3) Keep at it, one thing we have learned is that there truly is power in numbers. We will continue to work to meet with your school/district's administration together.